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* Gray Agent’s Energy Diary

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* Gray Bunny’s Energy Diary

Kirjoitettu 30.01.2013 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

* Nähtävää

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

Gray Bunny recommends!
These have been recommended to me by friends and I liked what I saw!


* Energiapäiväkirja 20. Kiintoisaa

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.


In the background: Autumn collection, season, sale, new slightly finer!
We keep destroying the biosphere while satisfying our stupid needs factored so we would spend and someone could get money.
We are made to believe that the things we spend money into are supposedly very  interesting and significant.

We live in a kind of mental bubble.
It might forget that all junk comes from the nature, all around us.
We step on the toes of other life forms in order to get raw materials and energy to modify the raw material.
But, the fact that you have a nice mug makes life a little nicer.
I understand.
But what if the world was like this:

Instead of meaningless junk we would enjoy the world and getting to understand it.
Ugh horrible clothes!
Hah! A new octopus species has been found!
And how could any human made nonsense product be as cool as Hubble’s ultra deep view!
Oh my goodness!

I believe that if only the real world would interest more that the made-up-valued-human-factored world, we would get things into order much faster.
We wouldn’t want to destroy all this for any price!

We would invest more into sciences and we would come up with environmental ways to get energy. And we wouldn’t waste that energy into pleasures that wear out the natural resources.
Trying to live according to my ideology I make mistakes constantly.
Chancing living habits isn’t easy, but it has to be done.


* Energiapäiväkirja 19. Yksilön energia

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

Why don’t I use all of my free time to save the world?
When it is so important to me too…
I can explain!

Collecting information takes a lot of energy bus so does work.
People should be encouraged to be curious and critical both during education and in working life.
Then propaganda wouldn’t affect people so easily. Then people could do something instead of escaping dull everyday life.

That sound hopeless!
It is easy to believe in tomorrow when surrounded by people who care!
But then you bump into total idiots somewhere and you lose all hope again!
Maybe I am a hopeless optimist.
Maybe you have to try being an optimist so you could try to do something.


* Energiapäiväkirja 18. Tiedon jäljillä

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

What are my information sources?
What does my impression of the world come from?
There is need to educate oneself after schooling.
We have to update the information we have. If one doesn’t know how to admit being wrong at times, the process stops.
Information can be found without too much trouble from newspapers and TV news.
But it has to be filtered. Ask where the information or claim comes from.

Besides finding out the source one has to ask who benefits if I believe the claim or my image of the world to be true.
God does exists.
The government does everything it can to stop the climate change!
We try to make sure that we get our share of the arctic oil resources!

What kind of information reaches us through media?
This is fun and interesting. We always inform about these. Basic sports. This will get us readers.
This is something everyone should know!
Even if the sampling is broad, beside education the entertainment has also considered in selection.
And not all important and fancy information get into newspapers or internet news.

It is also a problem that the little amount of information from a piece of news doesn’t give us a general view of the subject.
It that case it easily happens that we patch the holes with our own beliefs instead of finding more information from other sources.
Of course getting fully acquainted would take massive amounts of time.
Oh no, new day, new news!
Right amounts of curiosity and critical thinking and one should be fine.
Could a cat really fly a short while on a swan’s back?

Kids and adults have to be encouraged to asking questions and being curious.
This whole article is based on a story by one eyewitness. There aren’t even pictures to prove it.


* Energiapäiväkirja 17. Politiikkaa

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

I shall infiltrate into politic circles!
I will save the world and keep it safe.
I promise green deeds!
Yay! I got selected!
Congrats! Now to work!

We don’t have the money. The risk is too great. We have already committed to support another view. We need to make concessions.
But I promised!
It is too early to make the decision. People would never go with it. We’d lose votes. There aren’t any specialists.
Here it is, a new environment friendly plan.
Is it financially profitable?

Majority of the country’s money comes from these companies. Good taxes. We have to keep them going so we can make things happen.
Politics is compromises.
May I introduce this little bill that doesn’t go against any big bosses and is really easy to execute?
Hmm. Yea, maybe.
We have to get people doing ecological things. Soon the climate change causes serious problems.
Then we have to force people to change their attitude and fast and that might cause a chaos.

How much can we force people into needed change?
And I wish we only had to worry about attitudes. Big corporations are behind this all. Money flows everywhere through them.
How many would suffer if I went against them?
How many will suffer if I don’t?
Do even politicians understand anything about politics?


* Energiapäiväkirja 16. Vakoilua

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

When monitoring individuals, everyone say that they care about the environment, and about the biosphere as a whole and about the climate change.
I don’t know if I should buy organic bread anymore, because organic fields need more space. What about forests and forest critters?
Well I have thought about those things. But it is useless for an individual to do anything. There has to be a bigger change.

I got rid of all the things I hadn’t even touched for the last half years. I can’t stand any junk and I gave away my computer too.
Will you come to appeal to the congress tomorrow so they would make mines deal with their waste?
My life has become very difficult when I after I started trying to live ecologically. But slip ups make me feel worse.
True, it is hard to find a balance.
I believe that the climate change is happening, but it has nothing to do with us, it is a sign of the end of days.


* Energiapäiväkirja 15. Agentti pupu

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

Behind this all is a powerful propaganda machinery and other things.
Find out more about this mess.
Yes sir!
Gray Bunny —> Hop! —> Agent Gray


* Energiapäiväkirja 14. Lainauksia

Kirjoitettu 12.10.2012 - grimbird. Kategoriassa Energiapäiväkirja.

What keeps us from saving the Earth’s biosphere?
Every other things seem to be more important than the one we can’t live without.
Our heads are filled with all kinds of garbage so that we wouldn’t care and so that someone would get money.
“If we do not destroy ourselves we will one day venture to the stars.”
Carl Sagan!

Wait! You are my hero!
“Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps it is time to control the population to allow the survival of the environment.”
Sir David Attenborough!
Hoo! Richard Dawkins!

“I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”
Yes it is important to gather information and questioning what we hear.
It is important to think and ask “Why?” just in case.
“If aliens did visit us, I’d be embarrassed to tell them that we still dig fossil fuels from the ground as a source of energy.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson!

“I am only a child yet I know, if all the money spend on war, was spend on finding environmental answers ending poverty and finding treaties, what a wonderful place this earth would be.”
Severn Cullis-Suzuki!
Albert Einstein?
“Every little flower of curiosity is crushed by society itself.”
There would be so many wonderful things in the world if one would be curious and look for them.

You would use your time for hanging around and wouldn’t support the economy!
How would anyone live if nobody would consume and the money wouldn’t circulate?
By the way buy this cool new thing!
There has to be a better way! It can’t be that the rich ones have to consume to ensure the poorer ones workplaces!
The money could be made to circulate in different way if we wanted to!

But we are so very greedy.
Maybe at some point humans benefited from their need to always make our living more comfortable.
But now it only causes trouble or we should make improvements in a different way.
The intrinsic value of nature isn’t  a concern to everyone, but destroying the nature destroys us too. We are part of nature.
Don’t any policy makers have children whose future they would be concerned about?!

Come and see if you can tell what kind of frog I found!
I might not know, but let’s find out.
Maybe nobody knows exactly how to so save the biosphere, but if we stop asking questions, we won’t get answers.
Oh! Alice Roberts!
“Science is the best tool for understanding the world around us, and that is enriching in itself, as well as essential  to making all sorts of political, economic and environmental decisions.”

That sure was messy. At least I mentioned some interesting people.


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